Two new songs for Airquarium level

I'm excited to show you guys what I've been working on bit by bit over the past few weeks! These are two new songs for the first level, one that will play at the beginning and one that will play towards the end. Hope you guys like it!

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I like both of them, but I guess I have a sligh preference for the second one!

Now I'm curious, are you the composer too, or does someone make the music for you?

Oh, unrelated, but I forgot to ask before. Will it be a commercial game when completed, or will it remain free?

Thanks for checking out the new tracks! :) I am indeed the composer as well, I've done literally every job for this game thus far (which is why it takes a while to add new content haha).

I plan to make the game a commercial release once fully finished, and I plan to price it at $15 or a price near that. However the final demo will be distributed for free and will be around twice as long as the current build give or take. Hope that answers everything!

Yes, thanks!

Congrats on the music - I'm so jealous I can't do that myself! I'm also making a game right now but I'll have to buy music or hire someone.

And you shouldn't worry that much about updates taking time. Honestly, I've rarely seen a game page updated so often with news about progress and stuff.