Two other paths added to puzzle rooms!

I wasn't sure how to title this lol. I've added the two other paths out of three in order to unlock the big door that was previously unpassable. The second path is kind of a maze, and the third path is a series of riddles. Glad I'm finally done with this section haha. Now onto what was behind the wall! You'll be seeing the first few rooms it was hiding hopefully by the end of this month, when I'll be posting the monthly build for patrons.

Speaking of patron benefits and the next month, I have decided to increase benefits for all patrons slightly, as a way to show my appreciation! Starting in June, patrons will be one post ahead of public posts and will also get small tidbits here and there previewing things not yet implemented in the game. This includes things like upcoming characters and art! I hope that this helps patrons get more bang for their buck, because I really do want to make it worthwhile. I will be posting publicly at the same rate as before, but patrons will get everything earlier.

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